En Finir avec la Polio – End Polio Now

During the week of July 31 till August 03, 2012, I (Manon) had the immense privilege to host d’Arcy Lunn and together we offered presentations to the Club Rotary Rive-Sud de Montréal, Club Rotary Laval Rive-Nord, Club Rotary de Mont-Tremblant, Rotary Club of Nepean-Kanata and Rotary Club of Old (Vieux) Montreal.

We also had the chance to meet Rotarians at the Montreal-Lakeshore Satellite Rotary Club in Hudson/St-Lazare, the Rotary Club of Montreal-Westward during the visit of District Governor, Rene Melchers. Plus we had time to meet with Stewart Valin of the Polio Quebec Association and Mario Di Carlo, president of the Butterfly Wings Foundation.

And last but not least, to meet with Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Montreal which will be hosting a major event in Montreal on 11 of September with Ramesh Ferris, Rotarian ambassador and polio survivor along with many other very distinguished guests. See http://www.rotary7040.com/event.php?id=802

d’Arcy Lunn with José Nunez-Melo, Member of Parliament for Laval
Beryl Pedifer, past president of the Rotary Club of Mont-Tremblant with d’Arcy Lunn. Beryl is explaining how during her term as president, their club raised 30,000$ for PolioPlus.
Everywhere, the message is the same: End Polio Now
For this presentation, Mont-Tremblant achieved 100% attendance. Bravo!
On the right hand side: Lorenzo de Blois is very proud to remind us that as president of Rotary International in 1984-85, Carlos Canseco – along with the RI Board – was the first to focus our attention on eradicating polio. Rotarians had carried out a polio vaccination program in the Philippines, and in that Carlos saw an opportunity. On the strength of his vision, Rotary launched what became PolioPlus, which has brought Rotarians around the world together for a common cause: freeing children from the scourge of polio. In many ways, it was Carlos Canseco’s initial efforts to eradicate this disease on a worldwide scale that brought Rotary into the major leagues of internationally recognized nongovernmental organizations. http://www.rotary.org/en/MediaAndNews/TheRotarian/Pages/Atributeconseco.aspx
Everywhere we go, Rotarians and friends have great stories to tell. Do not hesitate to invite friends and attend a presentation near you. See the list at http://www.globalpovertyproject.com/events
As a thank you gift, d’Arcy is autographing a book for the local library in Nepean-Kanata.
Please invite others to sign the petition at http://www.theendofpolio.com/home/2012/06/the-presentation-and-engagement-with-polio/


Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Old (Vieux) Montreal for hosting this presentation at which were present many Rotarians visiting from different countries and guests.
A young Rotarian from Africa, happy to know we care. Read the article « Global antipolio drive stumbles on funds shortfall 94 million kids … » at http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-07-25/india/32847791_1_polio-virus-polio-cases-polio-endemic-countries








Members from Laval Rive-Nord gathered with family and friends at the location of the future new Rotary Club Laval Centre-Sud: Restaurant Mamma Rita 424, des Laurentides, Laval.
d’Arcy Lunn with Mr Jose Nunez-Melo, NDP Member of Parliament and other Rotarians, our « Super Heroes » from Laval Rive-Nord and on the right: Mario Di Carlo, president of the Butterfly Wings Foundation.
Rotarians, family and friends: ordinary people working together to accomplish extraordinary things in Laval Rive-Nord.
d’Arcy Lunn from the Global Poverty Project to end poverty is helping Rotarians to End Polio Now.
The goal is to hold our promise to end polio for everyone, everywhere and forever!
Jacinthe Paillé-Landry, RC of Laval Rive-Nord is explaining the role of The Rotary Foundation and inviting d’Arcy to her school to give a presentation to the students.
Please welcome a new Paul Harris Fellow: d’Arcy Lunn!
Many thanks for this great presentation by José Nunez-Melo, NDP Member of Parliament, who will do all he can to make a difference.




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