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District Governor Robert Leger and
Rotary President Ian H.S. Riseley
2017 - 2018

In response to the devastation caused by Category 5 Hurricane Irma throughout District 7020’s many islands, the District has set up a Disaster Recover Fund.
The fund will be managed by Rotary’s DNA-RAG Rotarian Action Group, a 501(c)3, in cooperation with District 7020’s Disaster Relief Committee.
For Online Donations
To contribute please wire funds to:
Name of Account:  Disaster Network of Assistance - Rotarian Action Group, Inc. dba “DNA-RAG”
Account #: 12 1682 8928
Swift Code: PNCCUS33
Physical address of Bank:  PNC Bank, 9033 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL  33433
Contact: PDG Phil Lustig, Vice Chair, Tel: 1 561 212 6554   Email:
Ensure payee instructions entered for: “District 7020 Hurricane Irma Fund”
For further information on District 7020 contact:
District 7020 Disaster Chair: Jacqueline Heyliger
Email:  Tel: +1 340 277 3201
Past District Governor Jeremy Hurst
Email:  Tel: +1 345 525 9900


District Governor Robert Leger

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

It has already been a week since Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean and for the first time a natural disaster has affected in different ways 7 out of the 10 territories of Rotary District 7020.

It is a very hard and sad situation and a real challenge for us all but those affected can count on the Districts’ s support to help as much as we can.

Knowing the challenge this involves, as District Governor, I immediately invited several Past District Governors ( RIPE BARRY, PDG Jeremy, PDG Paul, PDG Felix, PDG Errol and PDG Haresh as well as DGN Patrick) to put in place a Hurricane Irma Disaster Recovery Committee who immediately began working with a plan for relief efforts in different islands.

This special committee has been expanded with DRRE Leah Lowe who will be in touch with the Rotaractors and AG Amarylis Chair of the District Communication Team who will work closely with PDG Diana in collecting all official published information and photographs and PDG Haresh in charge of HIDRC communication. We also had a meeting with the Disaster Network of Assistance Rotary Action Group (DNA-RAG) leaders to join our efforts and we thank them in helping us set up the Irma disaster account.

District Disaster Chair Jacqueline together with PDG Rupert and PDG Richard from ST Croix (not seriously affected) have already received $20,000 from the District 7020 disaster fund to send help based on the needs requested by the Rotarian contacts in the neighboring islands. As you have read in my previous messages, this post IRMA support committee is in place and active!

PDG Jeremy was assigned to be the Chair of this committee and PDG Paul Brown the Co-Chair. A disaster fund account has already been set up and the information posted on our District Facebook page and sent to everyone. We are very touched by the response of so many already participating and I thank all those who have sent their contributions. I encourage all to put such information as well on your club Facebook page to reach more people wanting to help.

As you all know at first communication was not easy but from experience we know people on the ground are the ones who know better the needs in each area so the Committee began communicating with those that could be reached. At the present time there is a contact in each island and areas affected working with the committee so the help needed can be sent more effectively.

Unfortunately due to Irma, my club visits have been affected but hope to continue as soon as possible.

Although Rosa and I wished to visit the affected areas immediately, from past experiences we know that after a disaster like this regular flights being cancelled or affected, housing or logistics issue on the ground it is not the right time. Instead together with the AGs and Rotarian contacts from the areas, it is preferred at this moment that we continue to plan and organize how the help will reach the people in need and I will plan with the AGs when a visit can be done.

Dear Rotarians going through these very difficult moments, do not get discouraged,

you are not alone, we will come out of this together. 

My admiration goes to all those who are on the ground helping your neighbors and working together to help each other. It is at times like these that our leadership is very important and many of our leaders on the ground are doing an exceptional job reaching to other Rotarians unable to communicate, giving us news of their status, leading and organizing feeding efforts, distributing water, looking for generators to give electricity and use saws to cut trees blocking the roads and in some cases helping repair roofs. I thank you all for your leadership. It is people like you that make Rotary Great!

District 7020 is helping and will continue to do so. We are also preparing to help through club projects to rebuild that can be done using funds raised for this purpose as well as with Global Grant applications for the different needs. Yes we will continue to Grow Stronger so we can get out of this crisis and be able to Serve Better the islands in District 7020 to continue making a difference.


Rotarians in the islands such as Bahamas, Cayman, Haiti Jamaica andcSt. Croix and from other parts of the world are working together in this relief effort. 


Robert Leger
District Governor
District 7020


September is Literacy Month

Dear Fellow Rotarians,


As of August 25th Rosa and I have had the pleasure to visit 36 Clubs in our District. What a

wonderful experience ! Most of the Clubs we have visited have at least one project in the

education area which I consider very positive.


More than 775 million people over the age of 15, sixty per cent of them women, are illiterate.

That is 17% of the world’s adult population. Fifty seven million children worldwide are not in



In our Rotary calendar the month of September is Basic Education and Literacy. Let’s continue

doing good in our communities but focusing this month through our actions on:


1) Providing school materials for children in need

2) Providing teacher training and needed classroom supplies

3) Volunteer in a classroom

4) Offering an after-school program

5) Promote student enrollment and prevent health related absences by sponsoring school

meal programs and providing safe drinking water and sanitation facilities

6) Develop an adult literacy program


Our goal in Rotary is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and

literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, increase adult literacy. The Rotary calendar year

is to guide Rotarians and such educational actions should be promoted and continued

throughout the school year and if possible with a long term project.


We need to remember that education plays a vital role in shaping tomorrows’ leaders.

Education is one of the cornerstones of sustainable development.


DG Robert Leger

District Governor 2017 - 2018



Septembre C'est Mois d'alphabétisation



Chers Frères & Soeurs Rotariens,


Au 25 août, Rosa et moi avons eu le plaisir de compléter la visite de 36 clubs dans notre

District. Quelle expérience merveilleuse! La plupart des clubs que nous avons visités ont au

moins un projet dans le domaine de l'éducation que je considère comme très positif.


Plus de 775 millions de personnes âgées de plus de 15 ans, soixante pour cent d'entre elles

sont analphabètes. Cela représente 17 p. 100 de la population adulte mondiale. Cinquante-sept

millions d'enfants dans le monde ne sont pas scolarisés.


Dans notre calendrier du Rotary, le mois de septembre est Alphabétisation & Education de

base. Continuons à faire du bien dans nos collectivités, mais concentrons nos actions ce moisci à:


1). Fournir du matériel scolaire aux enfants dans le besoin

2)  Fournir une formation aux enseignants et des fournitures scolaires nécessaires

3). Faire du Bénévolat dans une salle de classe

4). Offrir un programme d’appui après l'école

5). Promouvoir l'inscription des étudiants et prévenir les absences liées à la santé en parrainant les

programmes de repas scolaires et en fournissant de l'eau potable et des installations sanitaires

6). Élaborer un programme d'alphabétisation pour adultes


Notre objectif au Rotary est de renforcer la capacité des communautés à soutenir l'éducation

de base et l'alphabétisation, à réduire les disparités entre les sexes dans l'éducation, à accroître

l'alphabétisation des adultes. Le calendrier du Rotary sert à guider les Rotariens et de telles

actions ciblant l'éducation devraient être promues et poursuivies tout au long de l'année

scolaire et, si possible, avec idée d’un projet à long terme.


Nous devons nous rappeler que l'éducation joue un rôle essentiel dans la formation des leaders

de demain. L'éducation est l'une des pierres angulaires du développement durable.


DG Robert Leger

District Governor 2017 - 2018


To learn more about the ways Rotary supports education please visit:

District Governor Message for  August, 2017

Membership Month

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

This Rotary year has already began and the clubs in District 7020 have a year full of plans to Grow Stronger Serve Better with Rotary: Making A Difference in our Community.

Why are we Rotarians? This is a question each Rotarian should ask and the answer will be different for the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world. But what is very interesting is that after many surveys, the most frequent answer is SERVICE followed by enjoying the weekly meetings of the clubs and in a third position is friendship.

During the month of August, Rotary International puts emphasis on Membership and invites all clubs to work first on reinforcing existing membership by identifying your club’s weak areas and make the necessary changes to help your club stay relevant for members to become stronger and then encourages growth in the clubs by raising the number of members in our organisation. I know that the clubs in our District have planned to do many activities this month of Membership and many have already inducted new members during the first month of the Rotary year. I want to congratulate all the Presidents who already have increased their membership.

Membership is Rotary’s number one internal priority. Let’s take advantage of this month to let people know who we are, let them know about the good we are doing, let people know that Rotarians enjoy being together and working together. Involving your spouse and family in Rotary, assuring the well being of our members and sharing your love for Rotary, will help us recruit new members and keep current ones. During your fellowship events invite potential prospects to be part of this enjoyable moment.

Rosa and I have already begun our journey visiting the clubs of our District and have been to 19 clubs since the year began: 15 clubs in the North , Central and Metropolitan area in Haiti and 4 in the Cayman Islands, and as we visit the clubs we have felt welcomed and part of this Rotary fami- ly. I must thank and congratulate all of these clubs for their tremendous efforts being done in service and engaging their members. We have seen their projects and the visibility that is given to Rotary in their communities and the pride they have in being Rotarians. During our visit to the 19 clubs we participated in the induction of new members. Great way to start this year and work towards the month of August as Membership & Extension month!

During the month of August let us continue to reinforce our clubs with fellowship and look for more quality members, people who have demonstrated good character integrity and leadership; have a good reputation in their business, profession and community. Show them the projects completed and those in place and Invite them to help us serve and make a difference in our community and around the world. With stronger members our clubs will Grow Stronger Serve Better our communities.

Robert Leger

District Governor, 2017 - 2018




Chers Rotariens, Rotariennes,

Cette année du Rotary a déjà débuté et les clubs du district 7020 ont une année pleine de plans pour Se Renforcer Pour Mieux Servir pour que dans nos communautés le

Pourquoi sommes-nous Rotariens? Il s'agit d'une question que chaque Rotarien devrait poser et la réponse sera différente pour les 1,2 million de Rotariens. Mais le plus intéressant est qu'après de nombreuses enquêtes, la réponse la plus fréquente est le SERVICE suivi par le plaisir des réunions hebdomadaires et en troisième position la camaraderie.

Au cours du mois d'août, le Rotary International met l'accent sur l'adhésion et invite tous les clubs à travailler d'abord sur le renforcement de l'effectif en identifiant les problèmes de votre club et en apportant des modifications pour l'aider à rester pertinent pour que les membres deviennent plus forts et encourage la croissance dans les clubs en élevant le nombre de membres de notre organisation. Je sais que les clubs de notre district ont prévu de faire de nombreuses activités ce mois-ci concernant l’effectif et beaucoup ont déjà introduit de nouveaux membres au cours du premier mois de l'année du Rotary. Je tiens à féliciter tous les Présidents qui ont déjà augmenté leur effectif.

L'effectif est la priorité interne No.1 du Rotary. Profitez de ce mois-ci pour permettre aux gens de savoir qui nous sommes, leur faire savoir le bon travail que nous faisons, informer les gens que les Rotariens aiment être ensemble et travailler ensemble. En invitant votre conjoint et votre famille au Rotary, le partage de votre amour pour le Rotary va recruter de nouveaux membres et garder les anciens. Au cours de vos moments de camaraderie invitez les prospects potentiels à faire partie de cet événement agréable.

Rosa et moi avons déjà commencé notre voyage à visiter les clubs de notre District et avons été à 19 clubs depuis l'année: 15 clubs dans le Nord, Centre et région Métropolitaine en Haïti et 4 dans les îles Caïmans. Je dois féliciter tous ces clubs pour leurs extraordinaires efforts dans le service et l'engagement de leurs membres. Nous avons vu leurs projets et la visibilité du Rotary dans leurs communautés et la fierté qu'ils ont en tant que Rotariens. Au cours de notre visite aux 19 clubs, de nouveaux membres ont été intronisés. Bonne façon de commencer cette année et le mois d'août en tant que mois de l’Effectif et d'Extension!

Ce mois d'août, nous allons travailler tous pour chercher plus de membres de qualité, des personnes qui ont démontré leur bon caractère, leur intégrité et leur leadership; ayant une bonne réputation dans leurs affaires, leur profession et leur communauté.. Montrez-leur les projets achevés et ceux en place et invitez-les à nous aider à servir et faire une dif- férence dans notre communauté et dans le monde entier. Avec des membres plus solides, nos clubs vont Se Renforcer Pour Mieux Servir nos collectivités.


Robert Leger

District Governor, 2017 - 2018


Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Every July 1, a Rotary Year ends and a new one begins. Around the world it is the change of leadership, the annual event where new leaders, men and women, take over at the level of the Clubs and also at the level of the highest spheres of our organization. Congratulations and our Best Wishes to the new Presidents as they take on the leadership of their club!

The International Theme for 2017-2018 is ROTARY: MAKING A DIFFERENCE. This year President Ian Riseley’s goals are focused on three major priorities of the RI Strategic Plan: Support and Strengthen the Clubs, Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service, Enhance Rotary’s Public Image and Awareness.

At the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, President Ian reminds us that Rotary has also a role to play in protecting the environment. He has asked for every Rotary Club to plant at least one tree for each member sometimes between the beginning of the Rotary year on July 1st and Earth day which is April 22nd 2018. Together 1,200,000 Rotarians around the world can make a difference in our environment. District 7020 can do it and I count on you all to respond.

My vision for our District during my year as Governor 2017-2018 is to strengthen the clubs, ensure continuity and sustainability of the leadership in the clubs, which will make them stronger to serve better. Hence my theme: GROW STRONGER-SERVE BETTER.

Growing stronger is not only growing in numbers but also developing and implementing training programs to increase Rotarians’ knowledge of Rotary and develop more effective leaders. Growing stronger both individually and, of course, as clubs will help Rotary grow. Growing stronger is also supporting our Foundation since giving will allow us to continue the fight against Polio and to serve even more by doing bigger projects that help more people and have a greater impact which allows to reinforce and strengthen the RI theme Rotary: Making A Difference Fellow Rotarians, we are beginning a new Rotary year and I ask you to join Rosa and I in making this year a special one in helping our Clubs Grow Stronger-Serve Better so we can continue with the satisfaction of knowing that we are part of Rotary: Making a Difference.

J.M. Robert Léger
District Governor 2017-2018



Chers Camarades Rotariens,

Chaque 1er juillet, une année Rotarienne prend fin et une nouvelle commence. Dans le monde entier, c'est le changement des dirigeants, l'événement annuel où les nouveaux leaders, hommes et femmes, prennent le maillet au niveau des Clubs et aussi au niveau des plus hautes sphères de notre organisation. Félicitations et nos Meilleurs Souhaits aux nouveaux Présidents vu qu'ils prennent le leadership de leur club.

Le thème international pour 2017-2018 est LE ROTARY: UN IMPACT REEL. Cette année, les objectifs du Président Ian Riseley sont axés sur trois grandes priorités du Plan Stratégique du RI: Soutenir et Renforcer les Clubs, Cibler et Intensifier l’Action Humanitaire, Améliorer l’Image Publique du Rotary et Sensibiliser le Public Lors de la Convention internationale du Rotary à Atlanta, le Président Ian nous rappelle que le Rotary a également un rôle à jouer dans la protection de l'environnement. Il a demandé à chaque Rotary Club de planter au moins un arbre pour chaque membre, n’importe quel moment entre le 1er juillet début de l'année du Rotary et le Jour de la Terre qui est le 22 avril 2018.

Ensemble, 1 200 000 Rotariens dans le monde peuvent faire une différence dans notre environnement. Le District 7020 peut le faire et je compte sur vous tous pour répondre à cette demande.

Ma vision pour notre District au cours de mon année en tant que Gouverneur 2017-2018 est de renforcer les Clubs, d'assurer la continuité et la durabilité du leadership dans les clubs, ce qui les rendra plus forts pour mieux servir. D'où mon thème: SE RENFORCER POUR MIEUX SERVIR.

Se renforcer n’est pas seulement croître en nombre, mais aussi développer et mettre en oeuvre des programmes de formation pour accroître les connaissances des Rotariens sur le Rotary et avoir ainsi des leaders plus efficaces. Se renforcer individuellement et bien sûr des Clubs plus forts aideront à rendre plus solide le Rotary. Se renforcer c’est aussi supporter notre Fondation par les dons ce qui nous permettra de continuer le combat contre la Polio et mieux servir avec des projets ayant un impact plus important afin que nous puissions avoir la satisfaction de rendre fort le thème Le Rotary: Un Impact Réel.

Chers Camarades Rotariens, nous commençons une nouvelle année du Rotary et je vous demande de rejoindre Rosa et moi-même en faisant de cette année une année spéciale en aidant nos Clubs à Se Renforcer Pour Mieux Servir pour que nous puissions continuer avec la satisfaction de savoir que nous incarnons Le Rotary: Un Impact Réel.

J.M. Robert Léger
District Governor 2017-2018



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